our impact

Our Impact

The ELMA Philanthropies aims to maximize the impact of investments made by the ELMA Group of Foundations by developing portfolio strategies, measuring progress against clearly defined objectives, cultivating co-investment partnerships, supporting scale up where applicable, and continuously feeding back learning into our philanthropy. Most importantly, we actively seek out, support, and, where appropriate, build the capacity of organizations on the front-lines.

Framing our Investments

Portfolio level strategies guide our philanthropic investments and are shaped by the best available evidence in our fields. Our portfolios (health, education, vaccines and immunization, relief, growth, and music) include a mix of investment aims, such as sustaining high-quality service delivery, piloting innovative approaches to tackling a particular challenge, and scaling large, and oftentimes complex, multi-stakeholder initiatives. Common portfolio metrics enable us to assess the extent to which these interventions play a role in improving the lives of children and youth.

Our Investees

Our portfolio objectives are achieved by investing in high performing organizations, as well as investing in and building the capacity of high potential organizations. Because the majority of the change that the ELMA Group of Foundations supports is in Africa, we prioritize investment in African organizations with African leadership. After thorough due diligence, we work closely with this leadership to tailor our investments to the needs of the organization to best achieve its objectives. Therefore, our investments range from project support to general support. Additionally, we sometimes complement these investments with supplementary resources to build the capacity of our implementing partners.

Strategic Partnerships

The ELMA Philanthropies develops long-term relationships with a wide array of partners – governments, companies, individuals, and other foundations. By co-investing in areas of mutual interest, we share both risks and successes, and ultimately maximize impact beyond what we could have achieved on our own.