the ELMA community grants program

In Africa, particularly in rural areas, community-based organizations (CBOs) are often the only safety net for children with the greatest developmental and survival needs. CBOs often serve areas that governments, markets, and large non-governmental organizations (NGOs) do not reach.

Launched in 2012, The ELMA Community Grants Program (ECGP) provides grants, mostly in the form of general support, to CBOs and other small NGOs in Southern and East Africa that provide direct humanitarian services to children and their families.

These services aim to provide for the following essential needs for children:

• Physiological needs – such as food, water, clothing, shelter
• Safety needs – such as protection, psycho-social support, and health

Using creative and resourceful methods, organizations supported through The ELMA Community Grants Program work with local communities and families to reach some of the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in society, from children with disabilities to unaccompanied minors crossing country borders.

In addition the ELMA’s financial investment, certain grantees supported by The ELMA Community Grants Program receive tailored support to assist their learning and capacity in the areas of fundraising, financial management, leadership, monitoring and evaluation, and program development.

With a relatively small financial investment and additional support, these organizations are able to better serve their beneficiaries.